Window Replacement Specialist – Sustainable Construction Services

Sustainable Construction Services specialises in window replacement, the supply and installation of high quality, durable, energy efficient and secure products. Our vision is to create healthier, more comfortable and more secure spaces to live and work, thereby increase energy efficiency, which saves costs and reduces the negative impact of energy consumption on the environment.

Sustainable Construction Services provides best suited products and solutions for every individual project. We do this by assessing the important characteristics of each building, suggesting suitable options that match customer needs, wishes and targets in order to find the best possible solution. This way we can can guarantee top-notch window replacement services to every customer.
Our unique, but extensive product range and advanced installation techniques are the keys to achieving outstanding results for our customers. We guarantee highest quality of product, workmanship and customer service at great value.

SCS focuses on importing products manufactured in Germany. This guarantees that we can provide the best products available for Australia’s window replacement market. Due to the efficiency of German manufacturing and associated supply chain management, we are able to provide the products at very good value and conditions. A huge network of suppliers guarantees that we will source unique products found nowhere else in Australia. All our overseas suppliers are subject to strict quality certification, resulting in our outstanding quality and accuracy.

Company management, process and procedures are based on German Engineering Principles. The resulting quality is superior and backed by required licenses: Registered Building Practitioner Domestic and Commercial. Only registered companies can provide the required insurances to protect your property, health and safety.

SCS also supplies and installs quality Australian products, whenever available from reliable partners at reasonable value. This creates more flexibility, shortens lead times if required and further extends our product range and options.

Please look at our variety of products in each category, Double & Triple Glazed Windows, Double & Triple Glazed Doors, Roof Windows & Glass Roofs, Entrance Doors & Apartment Doors, Shutters, Blinds & Awnings, Security Grilles and Doors.
Our range of windows and doors, available in a variety of materials and options, are extremely energy efficient. They also have have excellent acoustic properties (soundproof windows and doors). High resistance classes based on European standards in combination with the correct toughened, laminated glass is effective burglary protection. Our shutters, external blinds, security grilles and doors can further increase security.
Increased daylight penetration, simultaneous control of sunlight, heat loss and gain with SCS products will create a healthier place to live and work in your home or office.

For further questions to our product range, terms, pricing and window replacement services, please Contact Us and we will provide you with details of available solutions.