Waterproofing and Draft Proofingwaterproofing

Waterproofing and draft proofing are important processes to maintain the structural integrity of a house and healthy environment indoor. Water penetration poses a significant risk to the frame and interior of the property. Water that has seeped in can cause rotting of the window frames. This process will reduce the integrity of the window frames causing it to fail eventually. Moreover, small cavities allow wind to enter and draft build up will occur. Draft build-up poses negative health risk to your house environment.  One of the most effective way to prevent all these is by applying sealant to waterproof and draft proof your property.

SCS carries out waterproofing service by applying silicone sealants to any openings or cracks around the window frame. The water resistant property of the silicone sealant prevents any water ingression through the window frames.

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