shop window replacementShop Window Replacement

A shop window replacement is important when there is a breakage due to vandalism/accident or when the owner wants to improve the visual appearance of the shop. Shop window breakage is a common occurrence; this is all the more of an issue if a shop is located in the vandal prone environments. This will inevitably make a shopfront looks unappealing.

SCS carries out shop window replacement to repair the damage due to vandalism/accident and promises to improve the visual appearance of the shop. It is essential to keep the good appeal of a shopfront because this is the key to attract customers and consequently improve business. SCS is able to deliver glazing replacement in short turnaround time for damages and modernisation projects.

Furthermore, a shop window replacement and/or modernisation will reduce the transmission of noise from the outside and soundproof the shop. SCS’s product such as the double glazed window is able to attenuate unwanted sound transmission originated from outside. This can be achieved by correctly choosing the variations of gap size and thickness of the glass panes. SCS offers an array of window styles with high STC rating (high level of noise dampening properties). The noise can be dampened and the shop will be soundproofed. As a result, there will be an interruption free environment inside the shop to ensure a comfortable shopping/transaction experience for the customers. For more information about how a window replacement can soundproof your house, please follow this link on soundproofing windows.

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