Single, Triple and Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Window and door are the two main elements of a fenestration system. Window and door are what separating the indoor from the outdoor. A window allows the passage light, air and sound. A door provides an access to an enclosed space. Most of the time, windows and doors are found at the front of a building making them the elements that contribute to the visual appearance of a property. It is important to have windows and doors that create comfortable and healthy living environments inside a house. Sustainable Construction Services offers an extensive range of windows and doors to suit every customer’s needs and budget.

The windows and doors products that SCS offers are:

Standard products

  • Single glazed products: this is the most common type of window in Australia. It is the most economical choice for windows and doors. Even though it does not have the advanced system like double and triple glazed windows or doors, the efficiency of this type of glazing can be improved by incorporating advanced single glazing. The implementation of low-E glazing, laminated and toned windows can bring about many benefits. The low-E glazing especially does well in reducing energy by 11% to 32%. SCS recommends the use of advanced glazing options to complement single glazed windows or doors system.
Single glazed windows and doors

Single glazed windows and doors

Double glazed products

  •  uPVC double glazed windows and doors: uPVC is a very durable, sturdy and low maintenance material. It is the unplasticised form of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). This is a very popular material in Australia due to its economical value, sturdiness and ability to withstand extreme weathers of Australia. uPVC windows and doors are able to withstand extreme heat, cold, rain, wind and snow without the possibility of corrosion, chipping or flaking. In addition, uPVC windows and doors have very good thermal properties and it has a very low susceptibility to flame. It is a suitable option as a window for a bushfire prone area like Victoria.
Double Glazed Window and Door - uPVC

Double Glazed Windows and Door – uPVC

  • Timber double glazed windows and doors: timber is widely known to be a beautiful and sturdy material. The addition of double glazed timber windows or doors will add aesthetical values to your home. Timber windows or doors exudes natural and comfortable feel. Timber is a very sturdy material and the application of protection coating (e.g. painting) will prolong the lifespan of your timber windows or doors. Moreover, timber has a very good thermal properties and the material’s nature does not facilitate condensation. The synergy between timber frames and double glazing will further reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emission.
Double Glazed Window and Door - Timber

Double Glazed Windows and Door – Timber

  • Aluminium double glazed windows and doors: aluminium is a lightweight but sturdy material. It is durable and cost very little to maintain. The implementation of multi-air chambers in aluminium window and door frames improves its soundproofing quality and making it comparable to uPVC and timber. Double glazed aluminium window and door frames are available in a wide variety of finishes by using anodised and powder coat finishing.
Double Glazed Window and Door - Aluminium

Double Glazed Windows and Door – Aluminium

High-end products

  • Triple glazed windows and doors: we are fully aware that double glazing is the way to achieve a sustainable house. However, triple glazing is the more expensive counterpart to the double glazing due to several good reasons. Triple glazed windows and doors offer lower U-values than the double glazed counterpart and they are suited for low energy and passive house projects. Triple glazing is able to achieve U-values of 1.0 and better. This U-value is lower than what double glazing can achieve. This means that triple glazed window or door has a greater resistance to heat flow and better insulating value that the double glazed window or door. Therefore, triple glazing will return the value of your investment more effectively than double glazing. In addition, triple glazed window and door can achieve better soundproofing quality compared to the double glazing due to the addition of another glass pane in the window system. SCS recommend the use of triple glazed windows or doors for the high-end homes to improve the overall energy saving potential of the properties.
Triple Glazed Window

Triple Glazed Window

  • uPVC+aluminium windows and  doors: the best properties of both materials can be achieved by combining uPVC and aluminium. The synergy between the two materials results in lightweight, sturdy and visually appealing frame from the aluminium profile and the superior thermal insulation of uPVC. The combination with the correct double or triple glazing will produce a window or door system that is outstanding in thermal and soundproofing properties.
uPVC + Aluminium material

uPVC + Aluminium material

  • Timber+aluminium windows and doors: the combination of these two materials is the epitome of modern and high-end window or door technology. Combining the outstanding durability of aluminium with the luxurious look of timber creates a perfect marriage between strength and style. The low maintenance, weather resistant aluminium is mounted onto the exterior surface of window frame and sash, while the beautiful timber is mounted on the interior surface. This reduces the cost of maintenance on the timber because it is now protected from weather and UV radiation. Timber+aluminium windows and doors are available in different timbers and any colours (i.e. pantone or RAL). The windows and doors sizes are customizable depending on the needs of the customers.
Timber + Aluminium Material

Timber + Aluminium Material

Please Contact SCS for further enquiries regarding to the single, triple and double glazed windows and doors.