Window Replacement – Associated Services

Window Replacement Associated ServicesAside from being the professional at window replacement, SCS intend to go the extra miles to satisfy customers’ needs by providing a range of associated services. These associated services are offered to complement the window replacement services. Furthermore, these services are essential to ensure a smooth  window replacement process to take place.




The window replacement associated services include:

  • Painting preparation works – preparing the area that is going to be painted. This is done to maximise the result of the painting process and prevent any mistakes from occurring. Painting preparation works will ensure that furnishes and object around the painting area are kept clean and away from paint splatter. Thorough cleaning of surface that is going to be painted is also done to produce desirable finish.
  • Structural alterations – this is done to prepare any retrofit process that is going to take place in the premise. Alterations are sometimes needed when the new window that you are installing is of a different size that the old window. Thus, structural alterations will prevent any mistake and ensure perfect fitting for the new windows or doors.
  • Energy assessments and optimisations – SCS has promised that the installation of double or triple glazed windows will efficiently save energy use and cut the electricity bill down by almost half. The energy assessments are done to provide detailed and specific account for how much energy is actually saved and how much money does the customer save by investing in these products. The energy optimisations will show the customer how much energy will be reduced after the installation of the Insulated Glazing Units and also SCS can recommend a few other ways to optimise the energy usage in your property.
  • Site assessment and site measure – SCS’s site engineers will conduct a thorough site assessment and measure in order to find out the exact size condition of the premise. Background knowledge of the premise is essential to prevent mistakes occurring during the installation of the products. The report will also tell the best method to install a certain product efficiently.
  • Cost saving calculation – this calculation is done to inform the customer of the cost benefit of installing a specific product in their property. The calculation will include the amount of greenhouse gas emission, cost of electricity bill and the comparison of opting to a more sustainable product.

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