Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

The addition of either shutters, blinds, awnings or the combination of the three will improve the amount of shadings inside the house. Sun and rain protection are the advantages of installing SCS’s unique products. In addition, privacy and security will dramatically increase, because with a simple addition of an automated shutter will create a barrier for unwanted intruders.

Indoor blinds are the blind system that can be operated from the inside of your house. SCS blinds can be operated in a number of ways such as chain operation, pull cord or automated (i.e. motor powered). With our extensive range of shades, choosing the right blinds that will compliment your home and decor can never be easier. The implementation of indoor blinds is the easiest solution to protect your interior from the sun, glare and heat. SCS offers a wide range of fabrics for the blinds, which includes transparent, semi-transparent, dim-out or black-out. SCS supplies numerous free-hanging, cable-guided and track-guided blinds.

The benefits of installing outdoor blinds and awnings are reduction of glare and heat transmission. Outdoor blinds and awnings are designed to reduce glare by up to 100% and heat transmission by up to 70%. This means that you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle without worrying about shading and heat transmission. Also, SCS recommends the implementation of blinds and awnings because now is the right time to opt to this sustainable system due to the rising energy costs and carbon tax.

The types of shutters, blinds and awnings that SCS supplies are:

Roller shutter systems

External blinds

Interior blinds

Fabric awnings

Awnings for building entrances

Every shutter, blind and awning is installed by licensed and experienced SCS engineers. We focus on using very accurate installation techniques to install the shutters, blinds and awnings so that they will last you a lifetime.

fabric awning

Fabric awning

Internal blind configuration

Internal blind configuration

External venetian blind

External venetian blind



Roller shutter sytem

Roller shutter system

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