Double Glazed Aluminium Windows and Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are lightweight, strong and easily formed into complex shapes. Aluminium is an extremely durable and low maintenance material. Aluminium are generally more expensive that uPVC and timber in the window and door market. They are available in anodised and powder coat finishes that will suit your liking and design approach. Even though, the sound attenuation property of aluminium is still inferior to that of uPVC and timber, SCS suppliers take a further approach to upgrade it by implementing the multi-air chamber and thermally broken framing systems.

Aluminium windows and doors are extremely well suited for commercial properties, retail facilities and residential properties. Double glazed aluminium windows and doors can effectively reduce heat transfer and sound transmission through the windows. This sustainable glazing system will benefit the customer with a significant cut down on electricity by almost half. In addition, glazing can be flush-fitted in the frame, which means that the glass pane will be suspended mechanically but not visibly by point locking in the rebate. This creates the image of smooth transition from the frame to the glazing, which can be attractively integrated to high-end architectural design.

Double Glazed Window and Door - Aluminium

Double Glazed Aluminium Window and Door

The benefits of using double glazed aluminium windows or doors:

  • Slim framing sections that give maximum area for visibility relative to the wall opening
  • Aluminium frames are available in powder coated and colour anodized surface finishes
  • Aluminium is light and easy to handle; minimum labour
  • Aluminium maintenance is easy and cheap
  • Corrosion resistant
  • The combination of strength and corrosion resistance makes aluminium a durable material

SCS offers attractive surface finishes on aluminium windows and doors in every possible colour. The types of finishes that SCS offers for aluminium are powder-coated, anodised, special coating and decor. Please follow this link to the colour chart available on our website. SCS’s experienced and licensed engineers will first and foremost conduct site measure and assessment to determine the exact size of the opening and give suggestion as to which type of aluminium window or door is suitable for your property. We will make sure that the double glazed aluminium window or door performs to make your property more sustainable and energy efficient.

Double Glazed Aluminium Door

Double Glazed Aluminium Door

Please Contact SCS for further inquiries regarding to the double glazed aluminium windows and doors.