Door and Window Retrofitretrofit

Door and window retrofit is the best solution if you have a faulty doors or windows and even if you feel that the electricity bill for heating and cooling have  been too expensive. Old and faulty window or doors can pose many problems, such as moisture problem that can cause mould build-up, failing window or door element, glazing breakage, unwanted sound transmission, etc.

The common procedures of door and window retrofit are:

  • Site measure and assessments – site engineers will conduct this procedure to determine the accurate measurements of the premise and provide a report of which products are suitable.
  • Customer place an order on the specific door or window products – products usually arrive within 4 weeks of order placement.
  • Removal of old doors or windows will take place
  • Installation of new doors or windows
  • Rubbish removal

Double or triple glazed door and window retrofit will cut the heating and cooling bills up to half. These are some of the benefits of window and door retrofit that customers can enjoy. Double or triple glazed windows and doors are efficient in keeping heat in or out, hence this minimises the need for excessive heating and cooling. These Insulated Glazing Units (IGU) can perform efficiently in both cold and warm climates because they can provide the best level of performance in U-values. Moreover, the comfort level of your property will increase because double or triple glazing windows and doors provide good sound attenuation quality. Soundproofing your property has never been been easier with door and window retrofit. In addition to improve the visual appeal of your property, you will also experience a reduced in greenhouse gas emissions making your property more sustainable.

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