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Single Glazed Window

Single Glazed Windows

Single glazing is the most common type of window in Australia. Generally, single glazing is inferior to double glazing. However, double glazing sometimes difficult to retrofit and customer still opt to install single glazing. Customer is still able to enjoy the benefit of energy efficient windows by installing advanced single glazed windows.

The low-E glazing is very effective in achieving energy reduction by 11% to 32%, depending on house type and specific climate zone. Low emissivity (low-E) glass is a type of glass that has been enhanced with a special process by implementing a nanometer-thin coat of noble metal that is burned in the inner surface of the outer glass. This layer is extremely thin that it is invisible to the naked eye and short-wave light can pass the layer. However, the majority of longwave light is reflected back to the outside. Therefore, low-E glass has excellent U-values which indicate its ability to maintain internal temperature constant thus minimizing the use of air conditioning or heater.

Single glazed window is a more economical option compared to the double or triple glazed windows. However, in the long run double or triple glazed windows are more sustainable and this type of window will benefit the customer financially. SCS also recommends the use of double or triple glazed windows if the customers want to achieve the long term benefit of this sustainable glazing system.

The type of single glazing that SCS offers:

  • Single toned glass windows and doors
  • Single low-E glass windows and doors
  • Laminated glass windows and doors
Low-E glass

Low-E glass


laminated glass 1

Laminated glass

laminated glass 2

Laminated glass structure








toned glass

Toned glass

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