Home Improvements

Home improvement

The cost of building a new house in Australia is extremely high and not everyone has the capacity to build a new house when they see that their old houses are getting unattractive. The most sensible solution is to do home improvements on your old house. SCS is highly capable of providing home improvement services. The main aim of a home improvement is the beautify the facade look. One of the most effective method of improving facade appearance in by installing appealing windows and doors. In addition, SCS offers an array of sustainable double and triple glazed windows and doors for your home improvement. Double or triple glazed windows and doors are known to be highly energy efficient and this will provide you with an added bonus of cutting back the expense on electricity bills.

The home improvement services that SCS offers are:

  • Door and Window Retrofit – the replacement of an old single pane window with the modern double glazed window will effectively save the energy use inside a property. The customer will enjoy the benefit of paying less electricity bill, because double or triple glazed windows and doors are designed to keep heat in or out, thus less heating and cooling. Triple or double glazed windows are suitable in both cold and warm climates because it they have been shown to have high performance level of U-value in all climates. Also the variation of gap and thickness of glass panes will provide an advantage on soundproofing quality in a property. SCS recommends the installation of triple or double glazed windows and doors for your home improvement.

Our qualified and experienced engineers and tradesmen will help you build the dream house that you long for. SCS offers the services such as window and door retrofits that will most definitely improve the aesthetic value of your property. To improve a property’s facade appearance even further, a building refurbishment services from SCS is highly recommended as well.

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