Building Refurbishment at SCS

In addition to window replacement services offered by our company, SCS also offers building refurbishment projects. The experienced and licensed builders at SCS have an extensive knowledge regarding to construction from the procurement until the finishing stage.

Building refurbishment services at SCS consist of:

  • Cladding installation and retrofit – SCS offers the service to install new facade cladding or remove old cladding and install a new one. Apart from being able to improve aesthetic value of a property, a facade cladding can control weather elements effectively to prevent the egress water vapour. The cladding options that are available at SCS are reconstituted timber products, fibre cement, brick, timber weatherboards, plywood sheeting, steel, aluminium, composite materials and vinyls.
  • Insulation installation and retrofit – SCS recommends the implementation of insulation system in your property. Insulation prevents temperature fluctuation inside your property and provides year-round comfort. Strategic placement of insulation will also soundproof a house efficiently. The insulation options that are available at SCS are bulk insulation and reflective insulation.

Building refurbishment projects will be done professionally at a high standard and SCS’s builders will make sure everything is up to the customers’ expectations. Please Contact Us for further inquiries regarding to SCS’s building refurbishment service.