Painting Preparation Workspainting preparation work

SCS offer painting preparation works for your property. Our tradesmen will carefully prepare the area that is going to be painted to maximise the quality of the painting. A thorough preparation will make the painting job last longer. Consequently, customer will save time and money in the long run. A painting job without preparation will produce a sloppy work and the possibility of the paint job peeling in less than 2 years is highly possible. This is the reason SCS put an extra attention towards painting preparation works because with a proper preparation, years can be added to the life of the finish coat of the paint.

The procedure would include the clearing of the area (e.g. furnishing, decorations, light and outlet covers) that is intended to be painted, covering the floor with tarpaulin sheet, thorough cleaning of the room, covering room edges with paper, filling  any nail holes, dents, hairline cracks with lightweight gypsum plaster, cleaning of the surfaces intended to be painted, and priming.

These thorough steps are done to make sure that the painting process proceeds smoothly and minimising mistakes to prevent the need for repainting.

Please Contact Us for further inquiries regarding to the painting preparation work at SCS.