Soundproofing with Double Glazed Windows

Windows are generally poor barriers against sound transmission into a house. A standard window with 3mm glass is not very effective in insulating noise, thus finding a solution to attenuate sound transmission through house window is often complex. However, double glazed window should be taken into consideration when it comes to blocking sound transmission. The soundproofing property of a double glazed window is determined by the size of the gap between 2 window panes and the use of different thickness of glass in each pane. Furthermore, incorporating laminated glass can also help to further reduce noise transmission. Standard double glazed windows are designed to provide only thermal insulation and they are not deigned to insulate against sound transmission from outside. Therefore, it is essential to alter the gap between window panes and thickness of the glass in each pane as aforementioned to soundproof a house.

Standard double glazed window with at least 12mm gap is effective at reducing sound transmission of medium to high frequencies (e.g. human voice). In order to block low frequencies (e.g. traffic) sound transmission, the use of glasses of a different thickness in each pane and the incorporation of laminated glass will help to reduce unwanted sound transmission.

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Noise reduction by glass type:

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Double Glazed Window Noise Reduction

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