Cost Saving Calculationcost saving

SCS offers the cost estimation service for new customers who are interested in installing SCS products at their properties. Double and triple glazed windows will save considerable amount of heating and cooling expenses when installed in a property. SCS experienced engineers will calculate the cost that the customers will save if they install these products. The calculation consists of the total saving that the customer can benefit from changing his/her original window into a new window, also a total reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is included.

In order to present a clear illustration of how cost saving calculation is done, we have provided a link to an online glazing cost calculation. SCS recommends our customers to have a go on this online tool to better understand how Insulated Glazing Units (e.g. double and triple glazed windows) can make your house more sustainable.

Click here to try out the cost saving calculator.

Therefore, customers understand exactly what they are investing by buying products from SCS. Also, SCS offers to estimate the resale value of a property.

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