Window Glass Replacementwindow glass replacement

Window glass replacement is important especially for glass breakage in commercial or residential environment, which is a common problem. However, glass breakage poses the risk of criminal activities, personal injury and property damage. SCS offers a high quality glass replacement services. Our qualified and experienced engineers will do a site measure to ensure the most suitable size of glazing that will fit the window frame perfectly. Our professionally trained tradesmen are at our disposal to complete the glass replacement service and their experience in this field will guarantee to minimise the risk of damaging the window frame during the process of glass replacement.


The procedure of glass replacement will include:

  • Site engineers inspect the site to conduct site measure and assessment
  • Engineers will produce a report regarding to the current measurement of the site
  • The report will also include a few options of glazing sizes that fits the window frame
  • The customer place the order of the desired window glass
  • Once the order has arrived, SCS removes the old broken glass from the site and replaces it with the new one
  • The glass replacement will take approximately 4 hours to be completed
  • Once the replacement is done, SCS’s tradesmen removes the rubbish and tidy the site

SCS offers a wide range of glazing options and customers are free to choose the type of window glazing that will suit their budge and needs perfectly. SCS recommends the option of using double or triple glazed window glass. This type of window glass will effectively save the energy use along your building envelope, which consequently cut the electricity bills. At SCS, we will make sure to deliver our promise of making your house more sustainable and the window glass replacement benefit you in the long run.

Please Contact SCS for further inquiries regarding to our glass replacement service.