Double Glazed uPVC Windows and  Doors

uPVC Double Glazed Windows Cross Section

uPVC Double Glazed Windows Cross Section

uPVC material is the “unplasticised” form of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and it is known for its sturdiness, durability and low maintenance. uPVC windows have been used in Australia for over three decades and are increasing in popularity due to their great properties and durability and are very popular throughout Europe and America for many years. These windows are commonly referred to as vinyl windows. uPVC windows are known to be able to withstand extreme conditions such as heat, cold, wind, rain and snow without corroding, peeling, chipping or flaking.

uPVC windows have very good thermal properties similar to those of timber, making it an energy efficient option for a window. uPVC window frames reduce the transfer of heat and cold due to the multi air chamber framing system, thus reducing the need for heating and air conditioning. In addition, uPVC has a very low susceptibility to flame and it is a self extinguishable material, which is why it is very suitable to be used in bushfire prone area like Victoria.

uPVC is an environmentally friendly choice as both, steel frames as well as the uPVC extrusion profile is fully recyclable and uses only reasonable amount of energy to manufacture.

Some of the benefits of using uPVC windows:

  • uPVC insulated window frames are specifically designed to incorporate insulated double glazing
  • Low maintenance and highly durable
  • uPVC is able to withstand extreme weathers
  • uPVC is ideal in coastal areas because it has 57% salt content
  • Drafts and water leaks are eliminated due to the fusion welded construction
  • Good soundproofing qualities
  • Good environmental benefits

A uPVC window is an economical choice with great material properties. The uPVC frames are effective in minimising heat transfer across a building envelope and as a result impressive thermal properties can be achieved. This is the result of the material property of the uPVC frames that consist of several air chambers that effectively minimise heat flow. In addition, double or triple glazed uPVC windows possess a very good acoustic attenuation property that can soundproof your property efficiently. The air trapped within the gap in between each glass pane will absorb vibrations and sound transmission of various frequencies. This means that most unwanted sound transmission from outside will not reach the inside of the building, causing less noise can be heard inside.

Double or triple glazed uPVC windows are made of low maintenance materials that require minimal cleaning. Window cleaning process can be done with minimal time and effort. It is unnecessary to have expensive exterior cleaning services to maintain the cleanliness of this window type. Hence, cleaning cost can be cut down significantly.

SCS is specialised in providing double glazed uPVC windows and doors. Our licensed and experienced engineers will install the windows or doors at your house in a professional and efficient manner. Site measurement and assessment have to be done as the first procedure to make sure the window or door fits perfectly at your house. We will ensure that the customer is able to reap all the benefits that uPVC windows or doors have to offer.

uPVC Double Glazed Windows Size

uPVC Double Glazed Windows Size

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