Window Installation – Aftermarket Services 

Window installation aftermarket services are important to ensure installed window are durable and  of attractive appearance.The window life cycle after window installation depends on how the owner takes care of it. Even though, the window installation could have been very successful, a window has to be maintained or repaired regularly to increase its lifetime. By maintaining the installed windows regularly, unexpected (usually expensive) cost that could be incurred by the owner in the future can be avoided.

SCS specialises in aftermarket services following the window installation:

  • Repair and maintenance - to ensure that your installed window is always in its prime condition, regular repair and maintenance are essential. This service will increase the lifespan of your windows and minimise the need for a big cost on window replacement. The services consist of  sealing gaps, reproofing sealants, cleaning and renewing finishes, repairs faulty window system, replacing parts of door, windows, shutters and external blinds.
  • Window Glass replacement – the worst case scenario such as a window glass breakage can happen due to accident or vandalism. An immediate window glass replacement is recommended to prevent further injury and the possibility of break-in. SCS will conduct a site measurement to aid you in making decision regarding to the most suitable window glass that is to be installed in your property. 
  • Window Frame Replacement - faulty window frames require an immediate replacement. Rotten and faulty window frame will pose adverse effects to your property. Window breakage can occur because the faulty frame is not able to hold the glazing properly due to the gradual deterioration. Also, health issues such as draft development inside the building envelope can occur. SCS offers window frame replacement to prevent all these scenarios from happening. 
  • Painting of window frames - painting is the most effective measure to maintain the integrity of a window frame after its window installation phase. Painting provides a layer of protection to the window frame to prevent rot and minimise the effects of weather. SCS offers professional window frames painting service that utilise high quality paints. 
  • Waterproofing and Draft proofing – water and wind can penetrate through the small cavities found between the wall and window frame. Water and wind penetration raise health issues inside the building environment. SCS recommends waterproofing and draft proofing services to prevent mould build up and draft development in your property.

Window installation aftermarket services are important for SCS to ensure our products will last you a lifetime and our reputation remains trustworthy. It is of a paramount importance that the customers are happy with the products that we have installed and keep their investment intact for the long run. This way, SCS will establish a good relationship with the customer that is built on trust.

Please Contact SCS for further information regarding to aftermarket services following your window installation project.


Aftermarket Services - Window Repair/ Replacement

Window installation service in action