Window Frame Replacementwindow frame replacement

Faulty window frame can be the result of a building that is subjected to minor stress. One reason that gives rise to the need of a window frame replacement service is the displacement on the building structure that raises the issue on the window frame.

Sometimes, there will be crack on the window frame, which renders the frame faulty. Faulty window frames will pose the risk of breakage to the glazing because it will not be able to hold the glazing properly. This faulty window frames, may cause displacement on the glass and causing it to break at any time. This sudden breakage is dangerous for both the owner of the property and the passer-by close to the vicinity.

In addition, faulty window frames result in water penetration and the development of wind draft. Water penetration will stimulate the growth of mould inside the property which is a health hazard, which is worsened by the build-up of draft that is unhealthy for the residents. SCS offers window frame replacement services to ensure that the window glass is being held on in a proper manner. This will consequently reduce the risk of glass breakage and prevent the need to replace the glass if broken.

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