High-end Products – Triple Glazed Windows and Combination Materials

High end timber

High end timber windows

SCS supplies and installs products from mid-market range to the top of the range. The quality of the products that SCS offers is guaranteed to exceed the customer’s expectation. These high quality products can be used for variety of reasons, namely:

  • High-end homes: SCS offers variety of luxurious products that will complement the decor of high-end homes. We supplies and installs high-end aluminium, timber, uPVC and combination materials windows. Fine craftsmanship and technological advances have been instilled into each one of these windows to create the ultimate high-end house for you. Luxurious design and materials complemented by energy efficient properties will make your house not only looking magnificent but also highly sustainable.
  • maison et classement énergitiqueEnergy efficient homes: one of the many products supplied by SCS in our high-end range is the triple glazed windows and doors. Triple glazing is significantly more efficient than the double glazing counterpart. It is a fact that double glazing can cut down energy usage by almost half. Imagine what a triple glazed window or door could do to save energy. This extra saving on energy means a cheaper energy bill for the home owner and less greenhouse gas emission to the environment.
  • Acoustic efficient homes: Triple glazed windows or doors are very effective in soundproofing a house. Apart from being able to keep heat in or out effectively, sound attenuation is one of its fortes too. The gap between the window panes plays an important role in sound attenuation in a double glazed window or door. Whereas, in a triple glazed window or door system, there are two gaps separating each glass pane. Hence, higher soundproofing quality can be achieved through this and it unwanted sound transmission from outside can be reduced significantly creating a quieter environment indoor. SCS recommends the use of laminated glass as the glazing options to achieve better soundproofing qualities.
  • Comfort: it is important that a fenestration system can accommodate good air flow to ventilate the house. A good ventilated house will create a comfortable environment and ensure good air quality flowing inside the house. All SCS double and triple glazed windows and doors are equipped with a ventilation technology that will ensure sufficient air flow into the house and maintaining the good air quality. This ventilation technology is highly efficient in maintaining a good level of oxygen content and humidity, consequently comfortable room climate can be achieved.
  • home securitySecurity: security should be the top priority in each high-end home and sometimes this is an issue especially in certain residential suburbs. A window system is the weakest point in every house because it is an opening, which inevitable becomes one of the most common loopholes for security. Do not let your windows become the weak point that can make way for burglar to enter. Sustainable Construction Services offers products that will increase window security. Advanced anti-burglar technologies have been incorporated into SCS’s window products. Safety glazing such as the anti-crash, anti-vandal, penetration-resistant, bullet-resistant and explosion-resistant glasses is available to be inserted into our high quality framing systems. Moreover, the mushroom-head locking system, security handles, alarm handle and break glass alarm will make it almost impossible for burglary to occur.

The range of high-end products that SCS offers are:

SCS guarantees the quality of this range of high-end products. The benefits that come with these high-end products will certainly fit the value. Please Contact SCS for further inquiries regarding to the high-end products.