The main purpose for any fenestration system is to provide a passage for light or person to enter. Windows are especially important as a medium for which sunlight can enter a building. However, being an opening in a building, window can also make a building vulnerable to intruders. A Window can be one of the most common loopholes in any building’s security. Therefore, it is pertinent to fortify this loophole by using quality window system that will not allow any intruder to break in and conduct criminal activities in the building.

This gives rise to the need of installing high quality, secure windows and doors that are equipped with strong framing, secure glazing, solid-core materials, sophisticated multi-point locks, security roller shutters, hardware and fittings. In addition, the use of hard to break laminated glass pane for your window will further enhance the security of your house.

SCS provides exactly the hardware and tools to make your home and business a safe haven, so you can rest assured that no intruders can break in. We pride ourselves in supplying burglary-preventive products that will guarantee to maximise your property’s security. SCS’s products will protect your family and assets now and in the future. Advanced security technologies are implemented in each of our products that make them very hard to break and sturdy enough to withstand aggravation from the intruders.

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