Painting of Window Framespainting of window frames

Window frame is subjected to degradation due to weather and it is not efficient to have it replaced from time to time just because it cannot withstand the harsh weather of Australia. The most effective solution to weathering is by painting the window frame. Painting provides a layer of protection to the window frames. This layer of protection will prevent the risk of rot for timber frames. Painting will keep the timber away from moisture and when the wood is dry fungus and fungi spores cannot grow. Hence, timber rot can be prevented. A well maintained timber window frames will last a lifetime, otherwise they will rot away in less than 10 years. Thus, layer of protection is the key.

In addition, SCS offers Painting Preparation Works to complement the painting of window frames service. This will hasten the procedure of painting because after SCS finishes preparing for the painter preparation work, painting process can proceed immediately.

Moreover, painting of window frames increases the aesthetic value of the window frames, which contributes to the overall appealing visual aspect of the house. SCS carries out window frame painting job with a wide range of paint colour to choose from. SCS guarantees the use of high quality paints that will protect your window frames from the weathering process.

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