Energy Assessments and Optimisationsenergy assessment and optimisation

The installation of double and triple glazed windows will prevent too much heat loss and gain in a property. This will simultaneously save the cost needed for heating and cooling. SCS offers to conduct energy assessment procedure in a house after the installation of the double and triple glazed windows. Basing the knowledge on the calculation of the energy assessment, SCS is able to optimise the energy usage in the house. The calculation will consist of the electricity usage after the installation of the double or triple glazed windows and the ways to further reduce customer’s dependency on high electricity usage.

A scenario of how a double glazed window can save energy use by simply having lower U-values is as follow:

U-value measures how readily a window system transfer heat via conduction. U-value is a measure of the rate of non-solar heat loss or gain. Lower U-value is more desirable, because it means that a window has a greater resistance to heat flow and better insulating value.

The formula to calculate heat loss:

Uw × T × A = watts (W)

Uw= U-value of a specific window type

T= temperature difference

A=surface area of a window


If your home has 50m2 of windows and glazed doors with timber window, single glazed with 3mm clear glass (i.e. U-value of 5.5), on a winter night when it is 10°C colder outside, the heat loss would be about:

5.5×10×50= 2,750W

If double glazing was incorporated in this scenario, the heat loss would be:

3×10×50= 1,500W

Deriving from the energy assessment calculation above, the heat loss is almost halved when single pane window is replaced with the double glazed window.

Energy performance of common window types for energy assessment use:

Excessive cooling and heating are redundant after double or triple glazed windows have been installed because it is very effective in maintaining a good thermal mass in a house.

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